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Midnight sun tours, travels and excursions

In Kiruna - the northernmost municipality of Sweden - we arrange a choice of midnight sun tours and extraordinary excursions to Norway . For small groups we offer tours by minivan that introduce our international guests to the beauty of the Norwegian coastline. We offer day tours to the city of Narvik by minivan in combination with the well-known iron ore train in Lapland that connects Kiruna with the port of Narvik. This tour invites to see the different climate zones from the sub-arctic tundra area in Kiruna via the high alpine surroundings of the scandinavian mountain range to the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean. To help our guests to prepare their travel to Kiruna as good as possible we decided to launch our own weather forecast for Kiruna, Sweden.
During the period of the midnight sun we offer every day a night tour to Narvik ! A unique experience of polar night on the beach and the grazing land of reindeers in interior Lapland! From end of August - when the polar night is coming closer again - we offer tours to show you the magnificient aurora borealis in Sweden. In small groups you can watch the northern lights during a barbeque in Kiruna or on our famous northern lights excursion to Abisko. Whatever kind of travel you choose when you come to Sweden - when you make it up to Kiruna just take a look at our actual tours and excursions.

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