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We offer own tours, excursions & travels to experience the magical aurora borealis in Kiruna, Sweden. Amongst them our famous Abisko aurora excursion - join us on the road to Abisko, the "village of the northern lights. Or just follow to our aurora borealis barbeque tour in Kiruna, Sweden. If you're looking for more action while chasing the northern lights we can recommend an aurora borealis snowmobile excursion at night. Alternatively take it very easy: Just invite your friends, your family or your business partners for a relaxed sit-in around the open fire place of a rustic timber cabin and watch our guides work nightshift on our aurora borealis tour. Only on few selected dates we can arrange a full moon tour by dog sledto max 4 participants in Kiruna. And for the romanticweekend tour with dog sled and snowmobile under aurora in Kirunawe have combined genuine nordic activities.